Language is at the core of what sets humans apart from all other creatures. Our urge to connect and share our invisible inner world with others is a large component of what has driven our unique evolution as profoundly creative beings. Imaginative language - be it verbal, musical, or imagistic - arcs over the walls of our separate selves, and if used well, brings us closer to our own experience and to others.

Creative Empowerment Advising

During a creative empowerment session, we’ll work together to find your unique voice and hone in on the language that shapes your life. For some clients, sessions focus mainly on identifying creative strengths & blocks, desires & goals, and then collaborating together to move in the direction of those strengths and goals. For others, sessions focus more on what hidden parts of the self these strengths, blocks, and desires are hinting at - and at developing a new way to express these parts of ourselves that have lost their voice (or never had one). Poetry, music, art, and life itself will be our fuel to achieve creative empowerment and personal growth. We may use a poem, a song lyric, a piece of art, or an experience from your life as our jumping off point in a session. From there, we will engage in 'serious play’ to see what thoughts, feelings, and ideas are sparked and how these can help enrich your life and creativity.

Do you want to feel more fully embodied, inspired, and authentic in your creativity?

Do you ever find yourself wanting to express your feelings but coming up short?

Are there new creative outlets, endeavors, or modalities you wish to explore ?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this work is for you. 

  • Unlock higher levels of creativity and self-expression

  • Uncover hidden themes in your mental/emotional life

  • Deepen your sense of passion, purpose, and presence

  • Find new language to create a new story of your life

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